"I would like to thank Junior Chambers International (Singapore) for organising and facilitating the TOYP award. The entire award process was well-executed and professionally handled by the organising committee, making the entire journey a most enjoyable one.

Through the award, I have had the opportunity to meet many like-minded individuals whom I am privileged to count as friends today. TOYP has also been a way for me to connect to a wider community and reach out to a new generation of young people. I would highly encourage and recommend this award to anyone who are contemplating their participation."

Mr Luke Lim

"The TOYP was a most inspiring and humbling experience for me. I had never before been surrounded by such talented young individuals, from all walks of life! I learned a lot from these interactions, and felt that TOYP brought out the best in each of us. Thank you for an awesome experience!"

Dr Carolyn Lam

"When I was first informed of the nomination for the JCI TOYP Award last year, I was both honoured and humbled. Honoured given the distinguished lineage of past nominees and recipients; humbled because I was sufficiently self-aware to know that the little I’ve done paled in comparison with what many of these other individuals had achieved, and even then only because of the support, mentorship, love and guidance that have been shown to me by so many.

But on reflection, I think the JCI TOYP journey has not just been about the recognition of an individual’s achievements or contributions, whatever they might be, but also about the opportunity to interact with and be part of a wider community of like-minded individuals (whether these individuals might be on the selection panel, organising committee, fellow nominees or eventual honourees) who are all inspiring in their own right and each and every one of whom is doing their bit to make the world a better place. Being able to get to know and to count as friends such inspiring individuals has perhaps been the most valuable take-away from this experience. So if you know of any deserving individuals and are thinking of nominating them, I would definitely implore you to go for it – they may not know it now (I certainly didn’t back then!) but the camaraderie and friendship that they will develop as part of the JCI TOYP Award process is one that they will treasure for life."

Mr Mohamed Faizal Mohamed Abdul Kadir

"TOYP has been an eye-opening experience to look upon other TOYP winners and their contributions to society and achievements, as well as to note the resilience many of them have towards adversity! To those who are still considering whether to take part in TOYP, I say do not be afraid to open doors of opportunity, and to focus on the good points of others and see what you can learn from them. Be open minded and be humble, listen to feedback and keep moving forward in applying constructive criticism. It is heartwarming to see the organizing committee working very hard to show case the event!"

Mr Azariah Tan

"TOYP is an award in which we can recognise the potential people who are very inspiring. Winning the Merit award has resulted in a change in my morale and with this award, I am more motivated to make my life more meaningful. My advice for 2015 nominees: Do your best and never give up! Stepping up is a very brave initial step, continue to work hard."

Jason Chee

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