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Do You Know Someone Who Have Contributed Massively To Society This Year?

 If Yes, Do Your Part And Vote Him/Her To Be One Of JCI’s

Top 10 Outstanding Young Persons Of The World!

Dear Award Nominator,

Greetings from JCI, and thanks for dropping by. In case you don’t know who we are, JCI (Junior Chamber International) is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

One of the awards/initiatives we’re well-known for is our prestigious Top 10 Outstanding Young Persons Of The World (TOYP). This award has been given out worldwide annually since 1983, and past winners include John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Benigno Aquino and many other luminaries.

More importantly, this award serves as a platform for winners to contribute to society on an ever greater level. The media coverage, increased credibility, collaboration opportunities and potential international exposure can go a long way in scaling up their mission, allowing even more people to benefit.

Here’s where you can do your part. Do you know anyone who has inspired and motivated you this year? Has that person’s achievements benefited his/her community, nation or even the world? Is there anyone who you think can do even greater good, if they receive the recognition and exposure they deserve?

If yes, do your part for society. Take a few short minutes to fill in the form on the right, and nominate this deserving person for the TOYP award. With your help, the benefits they receive will help them serve the community at a greater scale.

This is your chance to make a difference. A real difference. A potentially world-changing difference. Don’t miss this chance.

On behalf of the JCI team, I thank you in advance for your nomination!

P.S. If you’re unsure if the person you’re nominating is eligible for the award, here’re some guidelines to help you:

Honourees would be selected from the following broad categories:

1. Business, Economic, and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment
2. Political, Legal, and/or Governmental affairs
3. Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment
4. Cultural Achievement
5. Moral and/or Environmental Leadership
6. Contribution to Children, World Peace, and/or Human Rights
7. Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership
8. Scientific and/or Technological Development
9. Personal Improvement and/or Accomplishment
10. Medical Innovation

Nominees must be under 40 years old, and must have notable achievements that benefited the community, nation or the world. Through their actions and accomplishments, nominees will have inspired others to take on their values, missions and beliefs, creating a positive snowball effect that benefits the people around them.