JCI Orchid Chapter

Jayceeism was introduced to the Singapore ladies in June 1971, after the Singapore Jaycees hosted the JCI Regional Conference. A group of ladies who had assisted in the conference were so impressed by the objectives of the Jaycees movement that they decided to initiate a ladies' chapter along the line of the Singapore Jaycees. Since the Singapore Jaycees movement started in 1949 as a young men's organisation, a mandate was necessary to start a new chapter for the ladies. After much deliberation, a mandate was obtained and Singapore Jayceettes was born.

In 1973, on the advice of Mr. Royce Pepin, the JCI World President during his visit to Singapore, the name 'Singapore Jayceettes' was changed to 'Orchid Jaycees' pending the approval of the Registrars of Societies.

On 8th January 1976, at the Annual General Meeting, chaired by the 1975 President, Violet Goh Singapore Jayceettes was de-registered and all the existing members were automatically transferred to a new chapter of the Singapore Jaycees, known as the 'Orchid Chapter'.