JCI City Chapter

JCI Vice President for Asia Mr G M Feliciano of the Philippines, visited Singapore and addressed a group of young men, inspiring them with the aims, ideals and aspirations of the Jaycee movement.

Junior Chamber of Singapore (then known as the Singapore Junior Chamber of Commerce) was officially born on 8 December 1949 with Ted Goh as President supported by 30 members.

The Singapore Jayceettes was an independent organization insofar as the Constitution & By-lays are concerned. This gave rise to problems of presentation to JCI. The solution was then for the representatives of the Junior Chamber and Singapore Jayceettes to draw up the National (NOM) Constitution.

A pro-tem NOM committee was formed in 1973 which also recommended the creation of two new chapters (LOMs) Serangoon and Jurong. With the formation of these two new LOMs, a fresh submission of the constitution of the four LOMs was made to the Registrar for approval in late 1973.

On 2 April, 1975, the Registrar of Societies formally gave us a reply which included also a guideline on the desired constitutional structure. Several changes were made in the chapter level in 1973. Jurong and Serangoon Chapters merged to form Merlion Chapter; the Singapore Jayceettes was dissolved becoming Orchid Chapter and the founding chapter became known as City Chapter.

The Singapore Jaycees was decentralized and the City Chapter name is now known as City Junior Chambers, Singapore.