PM Lee highlights importance of Active Citizenship

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August 15, 2011
PM Lee highlights importance of Active Citizenship

At the National Day Rally 2011, PM Lee expressed hope that the government and the people would engage each other constructively to provide solutions in the community.

He said that being a more advanced society, the government can do less and the people do more for the country. He thinks that involved citizens who are more proactive will make Singapore a more resilient nation in the face of unexpected situations.

He cited examples of active citizen proposals coming from interest groups and other civil organizations led to interesting solutions for the community. For example, Yellow Ribbon volunteer Mr Philip Tan's "Dining Behind Bars" that raises awareness of the public for ex-offenders' efforts to rehabilitate themselves.

Another was the example of Kangli who took family portraits of his neighborhood's families, so that they can know each other better, in order to foster a kampung spirit.

Sources: PM Lee's National Day Rally Transcript

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